Conference fees

Registrations will be possible by the end of January.

The World Journalism Education Council, hereafter WJEC, is a worldwide coalition of academic associations involved in journalism education. If yourself or your institution is a member of one of these associations you are entitled to the WJEC member discount. You can check this list here.

Members of affiliated groups as GIS Journalisme are also entitled to this discount.

Early Bird

Early Bird until May 31Registration 
WJEC Member (*) 295 € (approx. 331 USD)
Low income economies 195 € (approx. 219 USD)
Students & Post Grad 145 € (approx. 163 USD)
Non WJEC Member (*) 395 € (approx. 443 USD)


Normal till June 30thRegistration 
WJEC Members (*)384 € (approx. 431 USD)
Low income economies254 € (approx. 285 USD)
Students & Post Grad189 € (approx. 212 USD)
Non WJEC Member (*)514 € (approx. 577 USD)


Late : after July 1stRegistration 
WJEC Members (*)422 € (approx. 474 USD)
Low income economies279 € (approx. 313 USD)
Students & Post Grad207 € (approx. 232 USD)
Non WJEC Member (*)565 € (approx. 634 USD)

If you have any question about registration process or congress fees, please feel free to contact Sophie PUIG: sophie.puig[@]